CALL TO ACTION! FAKE NEWS against auditing community Lauren Reimer (See Links below) – Phoenix Video

published: 2018-03-13 12:29:36

Public Information: (Did the story)
Main: 602-207-3333
News: 602-207-3443
Caption: 602-207-3302
5555 N 7th Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85013

The purpose of going to the office was to get an FOIA due to the harassment that was being done by an employee at the school.


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  1. Exposure them! No more fake news! Go get them hard.

  2. The news clearly don't understand what is going on, and only listen to the school and police.

  3. Lauren needs a good Reiming…..mmmmmmm

  4. They say that it is technically true that there is no law requiring someone to show ID to sign in yet they say the next person who refuses to show ID will be charged with trespassing. I would love to see this tested.

  5. đź‘Ťit's unbelievable that this woman actually gets paid to be a reporter,you would think that an 8 year old wrote that article

  6. Called and spoke to Shane in the news room.

  7. I will take one for the team here and bang this reporter into submission. She will then edit her article correctly.

  8. Don't worry, only libtards watch that channel and they WANT complete gov control of all private actions. You won't change any minds there.

  9. Yo daddy your the man love what you do man keep doing you man love your videos and info that you give all of us thanks man

  10. You got understand man all of the news is pretty much controlled anything mainstream even Alex Jones it's all garbage man you can't trust any of it they're a bunch of sold-out fools who work for the government to brainwash people our government's gone man that's why there are no good cops to stop the bad cops that's why our military doesn't go in and arrest these corrupt politicians who are making war against the Citizens


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