December 22nd, 2017 SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch from Phoenix, AZ – Phoenix Video

published: 2017-12-23 06:20:41

Way too short of a time-lapse, wish I had been shooting it wide from the start…totally unprepared…hopefully next time. But wow it was amazing!

Edited this quick, probably some dust spots in there I wish weren’t, but whatever!

Wow…I’ve seen a bunch of cool stuff in my life, but this rocket launch was bonkers. First off, thanks to Jeremy Perez for the heads up yesterday about this…and to John Sirlin for suggesting Papago Park for tonight. I had an engagement session this afternoon and barely made it in time for this. Chris Frailey and I scrambled up the trail…stopped, setup and within five minutes it launched. Was absolutely amazing to see this streak across the sky. I had no idea what it was gonna look like or where it would be exactly, so I started with a 135mm, then quickly bailed to the 50mm (this shot) and then finally a wide angle later.

So amazing…I know people saw this from all over town…but wow. This was with the new Sony A7RIII with a Canon 50mm 1.2.


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  1. wow this is so amazing. It's a perfect clear shot and i love how you can see downtown phx at the bottom.

  2. Whoa!! That looks so cool! I knew it was going to launch today, but unfortunately I had no idea I'd be able to see it. :-/ I'm in Florence. Looks like you were somewhere around northeast Phoenix looking southwest?

  3. that is amazing footage! Can't help but re-watch it, over and over.


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