Phoenix Char Custom – The See Through $325 Airsoft Pistol – Phoenix Video

published: 2017-12-10 22:00:01

Phoenix Char Custom – The See Through $325 Airsoft Pistol

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  1. Honestly everyone is like shitting on this gun but it’s a niche and it’s not like some people think that the people of Milsim are weird, we are all the same sport why does it matter what their guns look like

  2. That moment when an Airsoft gun cost more than an actual pistol

  3. If you have time, just watch the gundam series on kissanime or something.

  4. USAirsoft can you hook me up with some airsoft guns please

  5. Everyone freaking out about $325 is making me feel really self conscious about my $1300 builds lmao

  6. For the sake of Char Aznable I might get one…

  7. 1st thought: How much money did you waste on this?
    2nd thought: Nevermind That's hella sexy.

  8. Builds custom glock…doesnt have rmr cut

  9. That is an extended glock slide release XD

  10. If you like the aesthetic then this probably your only option for the colors barring you find a company that can refinish the slide and coat the frame. If you want a internally upgraded gun then you probably can get away cheaper with a different base. Not sure what they put inside it since that looked like a stock hopup

  11. Not sure why the prices are so different in the USA but 200 to 300 is about normal for a airsoft pistol where I live

  12. Who makes the hop up, bucking, and barrel? If it is a stock WE set up, it's not worth haha.

  13. I like it but the price is a bit too high

  14. What about a top 10 guns from 2017???


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