FNN: Trump Juruselum Statement, California Wildfires, Lawmakers Call For Clinton Investigation – Phoenix Video

published: 2017-12-06 19:10:41

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  1. "It's no longer possible for the US to expect the whole World to dance to their tune"

  2. God´s Glory. Congratulations Sr. President Donald Trump. You are a good president and God will be your accompaniment.

  3. Juruselum is not how you spell it. Please change this.

  4. We want peace.. Sure israel you want peace !!! Sneaky snakes stabbing everyone in there back to take over the world.. usa is runned by zionist families like rothschild rockefellers and kissingers.. this guys are devils and the cancer of the world !!! You want peace thats why you own the dollar the central banks and the weapon companies and killing people in the middle east created terrorist groups like taliban al qeada isis planting bombs in iraq afganistan using young guys to suicide in the west and the rest of the world.. you want peace i eat your peace snakes !! They are doing everything to create a bigger israel.. everytime they steal ground destroying homes of the palestians with there advanced weapons and build there own homes there… coming to middle east with the support of the zionists created a jewish zionist country and stole every year ground from the palestians and killed millions of them with the support of zionists.. this jews has full support from rothschilds rockefellers and kissingers..they own the world media they can talk about peace on cameras and at the same time they can kill people with jets and tanks and steal there ground.. we want peace said peres on davos : ) sneaky jew !!

  5. Senator is this the first time you have read this statement?

  6. This is the result of a false flag attack in Vegas everyone in that room needs to be investigated waterboarded not just this bunch

  7. note to self: cancell all overseas travel so not get killed by unfair illogical due to unfair illogical unhealthy (who claims to be/serve me?!?!)

    all racial groups and all religious groups contain mix of good and bad people

    some of anti-trump people are good

    some of people are good

    i support freedom science fairness compassion prosperity logic


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