Ancient Egyptian City Found In The Grand Canyon? – Phoenix Video

published: 2017-05-28 00:56:26

Firstly, many thanks to Ellen Lloyd over at for her extensive research and writing on the conspiracy.
Has a buried city within the Grand Canyon been covered up?
The Hopi Indians have a traditional story told to them by their ancestors.
It details the original pyramid-builders living in an underworld in the Grand Canyon.
Dissension arose between the good and the bad, the people of one heart and the people of two.
Machetto, who was their chief, taught them how to leave the underworld.
He caused a tree to grow up and pierce the roof of the underworld, letting the people of one heart climb out.
They settled by Paisisvai (Red River), which is in Colorado, subsequently growing grain and corn.
They then sent out a message to the Temple of the Sun, asking the blessing of peace, good will and rain for people of one heart.
But their messenger never returned.
Among the engravings of animals in the local caves is an image of a heart over the spot where it is said the entrance to be located.
This legend was learned by W.E. Rollins, during a year spent with the Hopi Indians.
An article published in the Arizona Gazette reinforced this legend. Ever since the article appeared there has been a lot of speculations whether an underground city actually exists.
David Hatcher Childress, who examined the story said, “Perhaps the most amazing suppression of all is the excavation of an Egyptian tomb by the Smithsonian itself in Arizona. A lengthy front page story of the Phoenix Gazette on April 5, 1909, gave a highly detailed report on the discovery and excavation led by a Professor S.A. Jordan of the Smithsonian.
The World Explorers Club decided to check on this story by calling the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.
Speaking to a Smithsonian staff archaeologist. They told her that they were investigating a story from a 1909 Phoenix newspaper article, about the Smithsonian Institution’s excavation of rock-cut vaults in the Grand Canyon where Egyptian artefacts had been discovered, and whether the Smithsonian Institution could give me any more information on the subject.
Her reply was as follows, “The first thing I can tell you, before we go any further, is that no Egyptian artefacts of any kind have ever been found in North or South America. Therefore, I can tell you that the Smithsonian Institute has never been involved in any such excavations.”
While it cannot be discounted that the entire story is an elaborate newspaper hoax, the fact that it was on the front page, named the prestigious Smithsonian Institution, and gave a highly detailed story that went on for several pages, lends a great deal to its credibility.
It is hard to believe such a story could have come out of thin air.
Is the idea that ancient Egyptians came to the Arizona area in the ancient past so objectionable and preposterous that it must be covered up?
Perhaps the Smithsonian Institution is more interested in maintaining the status quo than rocking the boat with astonishing new discoveries that overturn previously accepted academic teachings. Historian and linguist Carl Hart, editor of Word Explorer, then obtained a hiker’s map of the Grand Canyon from a bookstore in Chicago.
Poring over the map, they were amazed to see that much of the area on the north side of the canyon has Egyptian names. The area around Ninety-four Mile Creek and Trinity Creek had areas (rock formations, apparently) with names like Tower of Set, Tower of Ra, Horus Temple, Osiris Temple, and Isis Temple.”
Could these legends actually be true?

Mystery Of The Lost Underground City Of The Grand Canyon


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  1. lol murica trying to have a history when their history really is about colonizing and raping

  2. why can't we just be told the truth? America made of lies.

  3. If you want the truth, listen to the native americans. They have no reason to lie.

  4. could it be a stash of goods put in remote caves by the Smithsonian? there was a rush on Egyptian stuff plus many items were acquired during "resource collection" without proper claims in place in order to cherry pick and save money.
    is this maybe some of the loot?

  5. Totally interesting and incredible video…. And the information on this…thank you so much

  6. well guess that is evidence that Thoth did send that religious expedition to what was left of the Mayan civilisation

  7. Some american indian tribes are semitic so I wouldn't be surprised if this is true

  8. strange how they claim it was a front page item in the local news but nowhere does it give the location of this so called city

  9. What possible relevance do modern names of rock formations have? My coworker is from Athens, Georgia. That doesn't mean her hometown was founded by ancient Greeks.

  10. Mystery History why don't you do some research on Egyptians in Southern illinois Here is a Link to get you started I remember this growing up there and i have done some research of my own and believe it to be Credible. You will be Amazed what you find out the more you research it.

  11. you believe in this because of what proof? link to the article from that unnamed "local newspaper" ? what town was it from? i mean, how do you believe this bs without any proof? Couple ppl saying they seen an article(never existed in my belief) doesnt make it facts. Hopi legends do not make the story anymore true. I mean come on man, youre better than this nonsense?

  12. The Smithsonian is lying just like they have lied about other discoveries in this country and discoveries around the world.

  13. I would like to put out a warrant for the arrest of the people who run the Smithsonian. They are hiding evidence of bigfoot, giants, Egyptians in the Grand Canyon and many other facts. I charge the Smithsonian with crimes against history!

  14. They hide and cover up a lot of truth so that they don't have to admit the fact that they've been teaching a lie to everyone since 1965 and even before the on some things… They even lie about WW1 WW2 and the civil war… If people heard the truth and would believe it this whole country would be up in arms against the big wigs that are running and ruining out nation and their using the undereducated young people 25 and under to do it…. 1968 started the dumbing down of kids in public schools… Thank God my grandmother taught us the truth. 1968 I was in middle school but I had a brother that is 10 years younger and I told him that his teachers were lying to him and teaching him wrong information he went to school and told his teacher and him and I got in big trouble. back then. My parents fought against the dummy down school curriculum… I even told my teachers that what they were teaching was wrong and ended up in even more trouble. I got to the lace to here I hated going to school because now the other kids were making fun of me for trying to tell the truth….
    And now I'm sure I'm going to get some flack for posting this… No on want to hear the truth these days…

  15. what ever the answer, it was/Is because of an illusion

  16. What? People with two hearts? Like Timelords?
    So the doctor is not from Gallefrey but from the Grand Canyon???? Hahahahahaa……
    Gullible idiots!

  17. if u Want the real truth ask the original man of Al Moroc aka Egyptians aka the ones who created the Hopi
    the first to inhabit all the lands at one time when Pangaea was one land mass Asia=as I am.
    ask the elder Moors. not the 5 dollar fake native American Eskimo's the children of chinese and original inhabitants Moors.

  18. let me see the actual publication and the location maybe even some photos of the dig for starters but I do believe it possible that something like this does exist

  19. well it wouldn't be Egyptian then would it

  20. The late 19th and early 20th century was the golden age of fake news. The Spanish-American war was partially caused by fake news. The story about an excavation of an ancient Egyptian site in Arizona is simply fake news. Ancient Egypt was a popular topic at the time and the newspaper writers decided to fabricate a fantastic tale about Smithsonian archeologists discovering an Egyptian site in the American southwest. It is not difficult to conclude the story was fake. A discovery like that is an archeologists wet dream and would not be kept secret.

  21. I read it on the internet and newspaper, so it must be true……….

  22. They did they came to the Americas for Cocaine as has been found in Egyptian mommies bones still a controversy

  23. Normally when an institution says something like "we have no knowledge of X / have never been involved with X" that usually implies that they are heavily involved with X or at least know a lot about X.

    Keep digging in to it Mystery History.

  24. Isn't it where Memphis, Tennessee got it's name from? Also the Pyramides in Las Vegas. America surely has a very strong connection to ancient Egypt.

  25. To bad there is zero evidence for it

  26. don't you think it's about time that the masonian Institute is actually held accountable they have hidden history from us for hundreds of years obviously they're owned by the elite and it's time for them to pay the price

  27. Who would have named them that!? Does anyone know where the names are first mentioned?

  28. maby America is where Egypt started O.o


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