5 Flying Humanoids Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life! – Phoenix Video

published: 2017-03-16 13:00:09

5 Flying Humanoids Caught On Tape & Spotted In Real Life!


Man has always looked to the skies for hope or out of fear of what’s to come, and has told stories of strange creatures that live in the clouds. The ability to fly or levitate is oftentimes associated with supernatural powers such as possession or magic, and to this day we tell stories of people who fly. What if these stories are real? These are 5 flying humanoids caught on camera & spotted in real life. Let’s begin!

5.) Angel on Horse Kills Jet

Angels are traditionally considered to be the hands of god. What if God has designated the air space you’re cruising through a no fly zone? In the words of Johnny Cash, god will cut you down. In this video, we might see just that as as a jet in Gaza crashes due to the interference of a glowing white figure riding a winged horse. Some have suggested that this video may be the result of a mechanical failure or error of the pilot, but it’s important to remember that Gaza is located in Israel, a sacred land to Abrahamic religions including Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. This country’s all existed in a perpetual state of warfare, for one reason or another, since it was founded in the 1940s.

4.) Humanoids over Mexico

Mexico appears to be a hotbed of extraterrestrial or unexplained activity. Ancient Mayans built pyramids which some believe are connected to aliens, and some alternative historians have hypothesized that indigenous Mexican and South American peoples might have genetic or cultural connections to a precursor race. Sightings of UFOs and other flying humanoids have been common in Mexico. These photos were captured by one skywatcher, Salvador Guerrero, over Mexico in the 00s, a turbulent time for both Mexico and the rest of the world. These images capture strange, floating humanoids that hover or rotate miles off the ground below. Some of these creatures bear resemblance to traditional depictions of angels, while others look like they’re from another world.

3.) Michelin Man

Flying Humanoid Over Los Angeles Seen by Multiple Witnesses

Los Angeles, California, is also known as the city of angels because of its name, which means the angels in Spanish, and derives its name from the name of the original Spanish pueblo from which it grew, El Pueblo de la Reyna de los Angeles, or The Town of the Queen of the Angels, named after Mary, Jesus’s mother. Los Angeles is a hotbed of supernatural activity, with a large number of reported famous hauntings and strange connections to UFOs. These images were captured in 2015, when a strange, white form was discovered to be floating over the city. Could this be an angel, or something extraterrestrial?

2.) Mothman Returns

Mothman May Have Returned to Point Pleasant

The Mothman is a cryptid that is said to reside in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The Mothman is most famous for sightings connected to the collapse of a bridge in the area that left 46 people dead. The Mothman, as its name suggests, is a humanoid cryptid described as having glowing red eyes and large wings like a moth. The Mothman has historically been seen flying, or floating, near scenes of disasters. Some have suggested that the Mothman is an angel from god or even a demon because of its supernatural, almost spiritual, correlation with disasters. This image was captured by a motorist who spotted the mothman while driving down a highway in Virginia, though it remains unknown what potential disaster this sighting might be related to.

1.) Flying Humanoid Over Arizona

Arizona, like the rest of the American southwest, attracts strange, supernatural activity. To the northwest it’s bordered by Nevada, the location of Area 51. To the east, it’s bordered by New Mexico, a land rich with Native American mythology and also the location of the Los Alamos labs, and Mexico to the south. Arizona has been connected to strange events, including UFOs, such as the famous Phoenix Lights. It makes sense that other phenomena would occur in such a strange area. This video captures another strange phenomenon, a humanoid floating over hills found in Arizona, captured in April, 2016. Who knows what this creature is, why it’s there, or how it’s capable of flight?

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