Checking for signs of Poverty in Phoenix; aRIZONA; they are everywhere. – Phoenix Video

published: 2019-02-07 11:00:00

0:00 drive 5:51 top of parking garage for the views 8:25 8:44 Banner Health security 8:56 inside Burton Barr library looking out 9:27 cop stops kids and gives them a ride near library 10:26 10:54 another cop stop near library 11:06 everybody needs help sometimes 11:20 cops tried chasing some disobedient homeless woman 12:14 12:26 Site protected by Eyesight Surveillance 12:41 13:13 13:23 13:56 14:17 14:24 14:45 homeless encampment behind abandoned Mexican restaurant: Tacos de Juarez 15:15 15:20 15:27 15:34 No Hazardous Cargo 15:39 15:50 16:10 prostitute girl location 16:27 realizing there is a long tunnel under library:,-112.0764637,764m/data=!3m1!1e3 16:57 17:20 Help stop poverty before it starts 17:40 17:50 18:07 18:27 18:54 19:38 20:13

Fergie – Clumsy (Official Music Video)

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Bum Doctor Acumagnet:
Copbait Travis


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  1. Travis,. It's good your savings your money. It sounds like your going to need a new car soon. Your poor car is on its last tire.
    (Your going have to put her down soon)🚗💣💨💨💨💨

  2. The cops were coming after you, you in the city now with a new homeless face🕵

  3. Alot of times the parking lots by the library are also by parks and schools. When they see you sitting in your car for long periods of time with cameras and such, people tend to think you have ulterior motives.

  4. Travis you are my only friend no joke keep up the great vids bro ty

  5. Who else loves it when Travis swears??!!

  6. HEINZE You Pinhead 8oz of Lemon juice, 4 oz of Prune juice and 1/4 Cup of Chickenshit will clean it.

  7. 1st minute, nonesenseicicle rambling, 2-4 dangerous driving, short on meds?


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