Living or Moving to Phoenix Arizona in 2019 – Phoenix Video

published: 2018-12-02 00:20:44

This is a video about the things to know about living in Phoenix Arizona heading into 2019. Phoenix is one of the largest cities in America and certainly a modern city. Phoenix is built on a grid that just continues to sprawl and grow in all directions.


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  1. Hi new to your channel glad I found it you got some very informative information I appreciate it. Looking to move down there sometime early 2019 just wondering if you could tell me or possibly make a video about rental houses reason why ask is you said snowbirds I know a lot of them on condos but I’m just wondering what the rental housing looks like I’m not interested in condos but definitely rental house otherwise just shoot me a message through here I’d really appreciate it thank you so much!

  2. Planning on visiting soon. Even tho I get different opinions on what the heat feels like.. Lol… From the videos I have seen I clean streets, sidewalks, and street lights.. Here in GA you need some seal team night vision goggles.. Lol


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