FNN: Arizona #Election2018 Midterms Coverage – FULL RESULTS – Phoenix Video

published: 2018-11-07 08:08:16

FOX News Now host Pilar Arias brings you full Arizona results on Election Night.

In the Phoenix area, supporters of the Republican and Democratic Parties are gathering for their party’s respective watch parties, as voters made their final decisions in a historic midterm election.

In Arizona, either Republican Rep. Martha McSally or Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema will become the state’s first female U.S. Senator. Their contentious race for a seat being vacated by retiring Senator Jeff Flake has dominated the state’s politics.

Voters will also decide whether to re-elect Republican Gov. Doug Ducey. They’ll also choose officials for the state’s various statewide offices from attorney general to corporation commissioner. A Republican-backed measure to permit an expansion of charter schools is on the ballot. So is a Democratic-backed one to increase the state’s renewable energy standard.

The majority of Arizona voters have already cast their ballots early for the election. Officials are forecasting potentially record turnout for a midterm.

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  1. Your going to lose your funding central America that should be the only thing you think about i'm sure your not thinking about the safety of America why would you but you'll think about that money or you can try to get it from cuba Venezuela and there's a snowballs chance of that happening just think clearly on this one

  2. It is currently 3:31 AM, with just under 100% reporting.

    I would like to point out to every person in Arizona who voted for Angela Green, who had exactly the same chances of winning the race as I have of winning the Powerball lottery tomorrow night, that you idiots, in the interest of making a completely useless political statement, allowed Trump's little buddy McSally to win.

    I will also point out, in the interest of honesty, that all five ballot initiatives went exactly the way I voted, so at least not everyone in Arizona is a total idiot. Just most of you.

    And people ask me why I hate living in this state. Thanks for giving me an example I can use for years to come.

  3. FOX10 & FOX26 Houston are so blind they can't see themselves as FAKE NEW.. Well? That's because it's impossible for them to see TRUTH. Truth is a gift not a choice. Eph 2:8


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